What we offer


Framework can work with you in a number of ways.

1. Facilitation and needs assessment

We work with individuals and organisations in development, review or in crisis situations and help them to assess the next steps and to find a way forward. Framework initially assesses the situation with you and makes recommendations and develops action plans to help you to address specific issues. This can be a once off intervention or a planned and longer term piece of work.

Areas of work might include any or all of the following: Project Start–up and Project Development, Strategic Planning, Review and Evaluation, Staff Development, Change Management, Recruitment and Employment Training, Development of Terms and Conditions and Good Employment Practice, Enterprise Development; Team Building , Financial Systems, Administration and Management.

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2. The Framework Training Programme

Framework works with individuals and organisations to deliver a range of specific training interventions. These are tried and tested programmes of learning which enhance manager and volunteer skills. These include:

Development of Ethical Policies and Practices

Becoming a better employer

Financial Management and Systems

Staff support and supervision

Group Facilitation and Training Programmes in Facilitator skills including introductory and advanced levels.

Community Development, Capacity Building, Social Analysis, Social Research, Community Enterprise, Voter Participation.

Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management. (This can be a facilitated intervention or in the form of training)

Framework has long experience of assisting advocacy groups to build alliances, networks, and policy platforms for their work. Framework is also interested in working with the Statutory Sector to develop appropriate strategies and practices.

Training and the development of Codes of Practice in Anti-discrimination practice.

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3. Bespoke Training

Framework has 20 years experience in  for Company Directors, Managers, Staff and Volunteers. One to one or Group settings.

4. Mentoring and Support

Framework provides advanced Mentoring and Support for Managers or Management Teams. This takes the form of individual support sessions on a once off basis or over a given period of time.

5. Membership

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