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Since 1994 Framework has built up a high level of experience working in partnership with community sector organisations to develop best practice in good governance and organisational development. Framework can work with you in a number of ways.

1. Start-up work

Framework has been contracted to be  involved in the successful set up of 34 organisations to reach a position where they can  receive sustainable funding from a government agency. 13 of these were in greenfield sites where no development had previously taken place and 21 of these were working with existing organisations.

Throughout this time we have been able to customise our approach to meet the needs of  the individual organisation. Depending on the stage of development the timescale for start up work can vary from 6 months to 2 years.

2. Crisis intervention work

Framework have supported  up to 30  organisations who have gone into crisis situations. Our approach is to work with relevant stakeholders to carry out an initial assessment of  the causes of difficulty, make recommendations and mediate agreement on how to move forward positively.  This can be a once off intervention or a planned and longer term piece of work.

3. Organisational development and governance

Each organisation is unique. It can go through different stages of development as the work progresses and with an  increasingly more complex operational environment this can make greater demands on both the Board / Trustees and Staff.  Framework’s role over the years has been to provide a safe facilitated space for organisation’s to adapt to change  and develop strategies that will ensure long term sustainability.

As part of this work Framework’s role and remit has also been the promotion of good practice in compliance with relevant governance requirements. We work with organisations to identify the gaps in good governance, deliver bespoke training, provide one to one mentoring and sample policies that will support Board / Trustees and Staff to ensure they are safe organisations compliant with funder and legal requirements. Training provided in relation to organisational development of good governance  includes:

  • Development of Ethical Policies and Practices;
  • Employment practice;
  • Financial Management and Systems;
  • Staff support and supervision;
  • Development of fair and transparent recruitment procedures;
  • Induction training for new Directors;
  • Community Development, Capacity Building;
  • Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management. (This can be a facilitated intervention or in the form of training);
  • Good practice in running Board meetings;
  • Equality / anti-discrimination;
  • Mentoring in relation to governance requirements.

Framework also has a comprehensive Advice Centre on this website with a range of accessible sample policies in relation to:

      • Governance;
      • Human Resource Management;
      • Financial Management Practice

4. Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is a complex area for community sector organisations to navigate. Framework can provide advice, training and support in relation to what the legal requirement would be in adopting good employment practice. We have a suite of HR related policies and documents that can be adapted to suit the needs of individual organisation whilst complying with legal requirements. In addition, training in support and supervision and / or other related HR topics can be provided through individual or inter-project training.  Where serious HR difficulties arise Framework has supported the employers ( Board / Trustees ) to seek legal advice and to work through the procedures recommended.

5. Financial Management Practice

Transparency and accountability are key elements when managing public funding. It is therefore important that there is good financial practice and procedures in place. Framework can provide support and training for undertaking:

      • Financial reviews;
      • Development of good financial practice;
      • One to one mentoring for developing skills within an organisation in day to day budgeting and forecasting.

6. Planning and Evaluation

Framework puts great value on taking time out for organisations to evaluate the impact of their work and to make relevant changes based on learning what does and does not work well.  We have many years experience in providing facilitation and supports for reviewing  the work of organisations and developing Annual Plans. For longer term strategic Planning we have adaptable sample templates for  Three Year Strategic Plans that also include sample stakeholder  consultation questionnaires.