What it means


We define Ethical Leadership as creating positive change and accountability……through fairness, equality and inclusive practices. We often refer to it as walking the walk……

Often ethical leaders are “small people” the ones who work on the front line, caught in the maelstrom and who make decisions which affect others every day. Most managers and employers are “small people” trying to do their best to make ethical decisions and lead their teams to better and achievement and performance.

We believe that the process of  striving for success is just as important as what is achieved. We call this balancing the Task (the what) and the Process (the how).

Ethical practice affects both how we work and what we are aiming to achieve. Contemporary business practice is best if it is clean. We believe that the world can be a better place for everyone if leaders in business and political life understand and practice ethical values and principals.

“In order to do well you need to do good”

Simon Anholt outlines his definition of how good countries behave………..