Policies & Practice


By working with Framework you can access a huge range of policies and procedures for increasing the ethical practice of your business or organisation including;

  • Ethical visioning for your work and practice
  • Creating family friendly and diverse and equal work places
  • Developing strong structures and practices which support your core aims and values

For example………

Ethical Policies and procedures

How the Equal Status Acts apply to your organisation.

What is meant by “Reasonable Accommodation” for people with disabilities.
Taking steps to make sure your organisation is more diverse and inclusive.

Providing Equality Training for employees and volunteers.

Developing Equality Policy and Equal Opportunities Policy or similar

Developing a Child Protection Policy

Developing  Anti-racism Code of Practice, Policy in relation to supporting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community and for the inclusion of people with disability.

Developing policies to deal with Harassment / Sexual Harassment and Bullying

Do you have a Code of Practice / Policy on dealing Domestic Violence

Employment Practice

Understanding how the Employment Equality Acts apply to your organisation.

Managing to deliver best practice in Employment and Staff retention for today’s workplace.

Building consensus and inclusion in your organisation/business.

Providing support and supervision for staff

Recruitment and induction

Grievance procedures and the management of conflict

Governance and Company structures

Setting up and managing the Limited Companies structures.

Board of Management structures and procedures

Accountability and record keeping

Roles and Responsibilities in your organisation.

Management of Meetings

Financial Management

Policies and procedures for financial accountability

Day to day financial management

Strategic planning for financial success