How We Work


Framework has 20 experience of working creatively with individuals and groups to develop, build and nurture their work. Our practice has developed from a ground up approach, learning through collaboration with clients and pooling of resources.

Influences in our work initially came from the liberation movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Everything needed to change. The growing need for an inclusive, diverse and more equal society has been at the heart of Framework’s 20 year commitment.


Framework engages on an equal footing with individuals and groups we work with. We begin by assessing the needs and context for the client. Through discussion, facilitated sessions and joint review we propose options for addressing the immediate and longer term work to address the clients needs. Sometimes this can mean reviewing the practices and policies of an organisation. Other times it can mean plotting a route into the future.

The work

A joint piece of work between Framework and any client will usually happen in stages. In many cases Framework supports projects through many years of development or change. Work may be a short term event like a day’s training or a longer process like a Strategic Planing Process over a number of months.

The Outcomes

Here are some of the outcomes which we in Framework most value and work to create with our clients.

Staff and Management are on the same page about the aims and ethics of the organisation and the work. The future is clearer and the project is on track.

Employees and Volunteers are valued and adequately rewarded for the roles they play in delivering the work of the organisation. They each have a clear role description, work plan and support structure to enhance their well being and skills development.

Organisations can rely on a set of policies and procedures to guide their work. Managers and Boards are fully compliant and ready for any evaluation by an external funder or statutory agency.

Individuals who have responsibility for compliance and governance such as Managers, Administrators and Company Directors know where to find and access their policies and procedures and understand the importance of the content.

While change accelerates at a pace, Framework works to develop confidence and practical methods for working through difficulties and restoring stability.

 “It was a dark period and at times we wondered if we could survive.Today we can say for definite that without the support we received from Framework, we would have floundered and all our dreams of providing a positive resource for a most deserving community would have been dashed.”

“ As you are aware the Project went through a very
difficult period and is now at the other side with a new
and committee and company that is going strong,
focussed and deeply committed to the work of the FRC.
This would not have been possible without the help Framework,
especially the time, commitment and dedication of the Support Worker.”

Quotes from letters of appreciation sent to Framework from Projects