Framework was founded in 1994 by Catherine Drea and Glynis Currie. At that time in Ireland everything was in a state of  change. European funding to tackle poverty and inequality supported the development of projects which set out to bring communities together, to improve quality of life, and re-create social inclusion. The entire social change agenda which emerged in those early years, has transformed Ireland since that time.


Framework emerged through community activism, in particular the involvement of Catherine and Glynis in the women’s movement. Framework is a non-profit organisation with a voluntary Board of Directors which sets out to lead the way in ethical practice and equality. The Irish Government under a number of departments including Social Welfare, Rural Community and Gaeltacht Affairs and the Department of Youth and Children have funded Framework consistently to provide support and training to developing communities across the country. This has included 50 projects in the Community Development Programme and the 55 Projects in the Community and Family Resource Centres Programme.

The work

Framework has supported Projects into existence from greenfield beginnings to the stage of establishment and performance at the highest level. Practices, policies and procedures have been developed in partnership with a variety of projects leading to an enormous bank of knowledge and ongoing learning which has been shared widely.

Framework has always responded to the broader needs in the Social Sectors in Ireland and has undertaken support and development work with government agencies, NGOs, Inter-Agencies groups, and community based organisations for over 20 years. Projects like:

Outcomes for clients

Framework aims to enhance the capacity of the groups, organisations and projects that we work with by supporting the development of:

    • The skills and knowledge of staff, management and participants.
    • Flexible and creative approaches to managing organisational change.
    • Positive responses to managing crisis and conflict.
    • Strategic responses to external influences

“We can trace back over the years from when we were a fledgling group to trying to get our heads around the complexities relating to the roles and responsibilities of being board members; becoming employers; carrying out recruitment and interviews, induction,
staff support and supervision and financial management to the confident Project we have become today because of the support we received.”

Quote from a letter of appreciation sent to Framework by a Project.


Framework clients

The Family Resource Centres Programme funded by the Family Support Agency. Framework is the Support Agency for 53 Family Resource Centres in the Eastern part of Ireland including Waterford, Wexford, Carlow, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Laois, Offaly, Cavan, Westmeath, Monaghan, Meath, Louth, Wicklow, Dublin, and Kildare.

Other clients have included;

  • Wexford County Partnership
  • The Community Development Programme
  • East Cork Community Partnership
  • County Waterford CDB (SIM)
  • Kilkenny Community Action Network
  • Health Service Executive-South and Eastern Region
  • FAS
  • Rapid/ Wexford
  • Waterford Institute of Technology
  • Oak Partnership, Kildare/Offaly
  • The SE Homeless Inter Agency Working Group
  • The Childcare Committees
  • The National Association of Choirs
  • Immigrant Support Unit Waterford
  • Waterford County Council
  • Fettercairn Horse Project

“As a group this session gave us the opportunity to listen to and understand the role of each of the ISU team. It demonstrated how we work as individuals, in a team and emphasised the impact each member of the team has on the whole. It gave us the opportunity to look at the future challenges with more clarity.”   ISU Waterford


For more on the kind of work that Framework offers check out what we offer

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Framework is fully compliant with the Governance Code for the Community, Voluntary and Charitable Sector in Ireland. In 2015 Framework was awarded the Q Mark for excellence.