A boy on a beach



Working with Framework has brought about many changes in my work and in particular my own personal life over the past fifteen years. I’ve grown older, wiser and more astounded by how local communities, families and children have overcome diversity and challenges in their own lives. Working four days a week has allowed me to support my own daughter in a small way by looking after my grandson Ollie (who is now 20 months old) a part of the week that I cherish and am grateful for.

It helps this small family financially and emotionally as for one day a week of five, they can have Ollie minded at home reducing their childcare costs to some degree. For this one day, I watch how Ollie, Harry who is 8 and both parents are impacted by life.  Arriving early I watch how they rush, plan, eat breakfast, put on coats, each routine down to a fine art and the emotional pull of saying goodbye to Ollie.

Then I see the unfathomable; a photograph that shocked the world, a little boy lying face down having drowned whilst his family are trying to escape their home that is unsafe, so frightening and with no hope for their future at this time. What they wouldn’t give to be doing the mundane, getting ready for work, school and normal daily activities, to wave day- day and know that their children are safe and looked after!!

I am mindful of all the wider political arguments and the uncertain situation that we all find ourselves in. But most of all, I want for these normal families what I have and cherish, a normal day of looking after my grandchildren without fear of knowing what the day will bring!!!

That family could have been us. That boy could have been my beautiful grandson…………


Written by Molly Kirwan you can see her Staff Profile here

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  1. Lovely piece Molly, it’s hard to believe the amazing journey these people are making just to get here and share in our ordinary lives. Suddenly those lives look so privileged……

  2. Joan Bolger says:

    Ah Molly,
    A beautiful piece.


  3. Catherine Leonard says:

    Only exploring web page now Molly. Very touching piece on an awfully sad event. Well done..

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