You are welcome to the Framework website!

Framework has been working ethically to build safe and effective organisations for over 25 years. Founded in 1994 , Framework has been at the heart of developing best practice methods mainly with the voluntary and community / non-profit sector  in Ireland.

In 2015 Framework was awarded the Q Mark, Quality Certification standard for excellence in our field along with being on the data base of the Governance Code for a Type 3 organisation.

Now how can we help YOU?

Do you need to become a better Manager / Director?

Maybe you would like to become a better Manager or Director? We support the development of improved skills and best practice for individuals in leadership roles in organisations, small enterprises and statutory agencies.

Do you need to get your policies and procedures up to date?

Are you an individual or part of an organisation grappling with the extensive range of policies and procedures necessary to manage ethically and effectively? We provide a complete range of accessible and ethical policies which can be tailor made for your own needs and those of funders.

Do you want to make better progress in your work?

Are you looking for a supportive and informative space to build on your skills and work practices? We work with individuals and organisations to support their progress to create better outcomes for their participants, customers and clients.

Do you want to become an ethical leader or organisation?

Are you committed to leading ethically in a time of great change and instability in the world? We train and support you to tackle day to day issues which arise and work with you to find the best solutions for all involved. We facilitate change and positive working methods towards improving employee and community relations. We support you to become a leading organisation in your own field while maximising your resources.

Work with us

In Framework we work at  making ethical practice a positive reality. We would love to hear from you and find the best way for us to work together!

Would your organisation benefit from an ethical audit and a new practice model which puts fairness, trust and safety back at the centre of your agenda? Is your organisation compliant with current legislative requirements? If asked can your staff cite the equality statement or do they understand the grievance procedures if something goes wrong?

Please contact us here if you would like to discuss working with Framework, becoming working partners, or designing joint training.